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5 Essential Steps You can Take to Cope with COVID-19 Anxiety

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If you are struggling to cope with COVID-19 anxiety, you are not alone. With new adjustments and feelings of uncertainty, it can be hard to manage your anxiety. Keeping your mental health in check is just as important as your physical health.  In fact, managing your mental health will strengthen your immune system. And we […]

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Braving the Quarantine- 5 ways to Cope with Social Distancing and the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Like many of us, you may be counting the days you’ve been quarantined inside your home due to COVID-19. You’re also probably making Instagram stories captioned “Day X of quarantine” with a snapshot of what your day has consisted of.  Even if you were previously more of a homebody, not being able to go out […]

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Online Therapy and Telehealth Q&A

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Brave Minds proud to offer online therapy services in New Jersey!  It goes by various names- telehealth, teletherapy, telepsychology, telemedicine, etc. While therapists have been providing remote therapy via phone calls for quite some time, it is now the norm to have video sessions where you and your therapist can see and hear one another […]