Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety TherapyAre You Overwhelmed By Life?

Are you juggling the responsibilities of work, parenting, maintaining relationships and more?  Do you frequently feel as though you’re falling short in everything you do? Perhaps your work-life balance is off, but you don’t know how to slow down, reset or begin reevaluating your priorities.

You may be going through a major life change, such as a breakup, move, career change, identity crisis or something else, and the adjustment period is more intense than you imagined. Or, perhaps you’re feeling underappreciated both in your work-life and relationships. Do you find yourself becoming more frustrated and disheartened? Maybe it feels like you’re dealing with all of these issues all at once, with no relief in sight.

Living with heightened stress and anxiety can be a troubling, frustrating and even scary experience.

You may wake up already on the wrong foot—immediately worrying about everything you have to accomplish. As the rush of thoughts become increasingly intrusive, you may become forgetful, on edge or emotional. It may feel like nothing you do is effective, which fuels a cycle of negative thinking that’s difficult to break away from. Regardless of the specifics, you might feel dragged down by stress, making every day a struggle.

Sometimes anxiety’s hard to identify.

Do you have stomach issues, sweating, trembling, loss of breath, chest pain, sleep issues, eating problems, dizziness or even panic attacks? It could be the anxiety. To quiet these anxiety symptoms, you may be overindulging in computer use, TV or another temporary distraction that doesn’t ultimately resolve your distress. It’s possible you’ve tried to feel better, but the negative thought cycles return, leaving you feeling like nothing is going to help.  

You Are Not Alone  

If you are struggling with anxiety or stress symptoms, you are not alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults, which is roughly 18 percent of the population. Women are twice as likely to develop anxiety compared to men. However, it’s extremely common for both men and women.

It doesn’t mean you’re less than or should have to deal with this on your own.

There are a number of reasons adults experience anxiety symptoms.  Major life transitions, such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, moving, a new baby, an empty nest or a medical diagnosis, are often the most stressful things you ever experience. These life-altering events and decisions can change everything, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. In addition to major life transitions, the everyday struggle of juggling children, a household, work and your own sense purpose can leave many feeling like they are drowning.

Whenever you experience stress, the body naturally responds, kicking your system into high alert. Stress hormones flood through you, attempting to prepare you for whatever’s going on. However, if you’re continually stressed, your body never has the opportunity to return to a resting baseline. When stress builds in your system, physical symptoms may occur, such as stomach problems, migraines and mood issues. These can be very destabilizing, affecting everything from work productivity to relationships.

The good news is that anxiety is highly treatable.

Sadly, only 40 percent of those suffering ever receive treatment. Because stress is so prevalent in our lives, many people who are overwhelmed don’t fully realize that anxiety is the culprit. It makes finding and pursuing your purpose more difficult.

However, you don’t need to live with anxiety hanging over you. With counseling tailored to your life, you can learn effective ways to communicate, relax, enhance your sense of focus and seek fulfillment.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Thrive

Anxiety treatment can be incredibly effective in helping you identify triggers to distress and learn effective ways to not just manage them, but lessen and even completely overcome them.

Because anxiety is so common, in the healthcare profession, we know a lot about how stress affects the mind and body.

Today, there are a number of different techniques available to treat anxiety.

In therapy, we’ll figure out what’s fueling your anxiety.From there, we’ll craft strategies you can use to free yourself from the cycles of stress.

Overcoming anxiety

Throughout anxiety treatment, you can expect to gain a thorough understanding of how you are impacted by stress. We may examine pieces of your life, like your family, career, relationships and more. We help you build skills that can reduce sources of distress, such as helping you feel more effective in your parenting or career.  Additionally, we may consider your sleep, diet and exercise and ways you’re currently dealing with stress. Some of these, like excessive internet use, gaming or procrastinating, may not be serving you. With newfound insights about what’s working and not working in your life, you’ll come to understand what triggers your distress, as well as avenues toward increased balance and satisfaction.

It’s common for anxiety to cloud your perceptions of yourself, others and the future.

In a safe, compassionate space, you’ll have the ability to test these beliefs with a trusted ally. You’ll learn how to recognize when the anxiety is trying to make choices for you or steal you away from the present moment. When you’re able to notice your unique stressors, you then get the upper hand over anxiety. And, this can grant you more control over your thoughts and behaviors.

At Brave Minds Psychological Services, we hold a strength-based philosophy. That means we believe in discovering and utilizing your innate wisdom, resources and instincts. Chances are, there are so many ways in which you’re already successful and resilient in your day to day life. We seek to harness those positives and build from them. We also look very realistically at your environment, and provide useful, practical tips that fit directly into the context of your life.

In our practice, we’ve helped countless adults lessen anxiety and live with increased ease. Collectively, we have over two decades of experience helping folks who are struggling with stress symptoms, and we’re confident we can help you, too.

With the right insight, guidance and tools, it’s possible to feel confident, composed and empowered.

You may still have questions or concerns about anxiety therapy…


I’m so overwhelmed. I worry I don’t have the time for anxiety treatment.


anxiety therapy

It’s possible that you’re overwhelmed because you simply have too much going on. Or, that feeling of overwhelm may stem from the anxiety itself.

Anxiety often slows down our ability to be productive and accomplish goals. It slows down the ability to think in a stressful situation. It makes managing everyday tasks more difficult.

Do you have the time to continue carrying the burden of anxiety? Wouldn’t you like to have more energy, feel more compassion for others and enjoy the clarity needed to be productive and take good care of yourself?


Will I need to take anxiety medication?

Although we don’t prescribe medication, we are available to work with outside medical providers and make referrals as needed. With that being said, if you can participate in the therapy process, medication is often not needed. However, if your anxiety prevents you from mobilizing these techniques out in the world, then medication can be a helpful, and oftentimes a temporary, solution.


I’ve tried everything, and I doubt anything will help.

Many times when we’re caught up in the cycle of anxiety and the worry, it does feel like nothing will get better. The truth is that anxiety is very common and very treatable. There are so many resources and methods available to treat anxiety. These including evidence-based techniques that are proven to help people better manage life’s stressors. And, with guidance that’s tailored to you and your life, it’s possible to not only better manage stress symptoms, but lessen and even overcome them.


Experience Anxiety Relief

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