Current Clients FAQ

As a current client, you may have some questions about our technology. You may find the answer below.

Q:What’s the difference between LuxSci and Theranest?

A: Great Question! We use both of these technology platforms regularly throughout the course of your treatment. Below are some of the functions of each to keep in mind!

LuxSci is a secure email server that protects your confidential information and allows you to communicate with your therapist. The first time you are sent a message through LuxSci it will appear as a link in your inbox that you must click, and then sign up for the first time by creating a password. Remember this email and password anytime you want to login to LuxSci to access a secure message from your therapist.  Therapists use Luxsci to send:

  • A link for a virtual session
  • A statement/receipt for virtual clients
  • A letter or report

Theranest is where you access your/ your child’s client portal account. When you or your child first became a client, you were sent an invitation to join this portal and fill out paperwork. You may login to the Theranest client portal in the future to:

  • Fill out practice forms sent to you, (e.g. a Release of Information form to allow the therapist to speak to your child’s School Counselor).
  • Check upcoming appointments dates and times.
  • Input demographic information

Q: I can’t remember when my next appointment is. How do I check this?

A: You can see your upcoming appointments on your Theranest portal account under the Appointments tab. You can also always let your Therapist know that you want to consent to text message reminders to be alerted via text about upcoming appointments. We ask for your consent on text reminders in your initial intake forms, but you can always update your decision!

Q: How do I get receipts to submit to my insurance company?

A: Receipts are sent to you by your therapist via our secure and confidential email server, Luxsci. You will get the first receipt shortly after your initial intake session. Subsequent receipts are sent by the therapist at the end of each month to allow you to submit the month’s worth of sessions all at once.

Q: I am seeing my therapist via Telehealth/ Virtual sessions. How do I access the session?

A: Prior to, or on the day of your virtual session, your therapist will send you an email with a Google Meet link through our secure and confidential email server, Luxsci.

Q: My therapist sent me forms through Theranest but I can’t login to the portal.

A: Click the link provided in the email that said your provider shared new forms with you. If you can’t remember your password to get into the portal, select Reset Password and try to get into the account after your password is reset.

Still have questions? Call Our Admin Team

at 908-242-3634 ext 1