Dramatic thunderstorm clouds with multiple lightning bolts striking through. Navigating thunderstorms with children can be difficult but the tips in this blog can help you manage thunderstorms and child anxiety.

Helping Your Child Overcome Thunderstorm Phobia: A Parent’s Guide

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It’s not unusual for a child to be fearful of thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms can be intense and unpredictable.  For some children fears of thunderstorms are just a passing phase.  However for others, they can trigger a range of emotions in children, from anxiety to panic.  The panic may be almost impossible to soothe.  Furthermore, fears can […]

A mother points at their child as the kid faces away with an angry expression. Learn more about child therapy in New Jersey and how an anixety therapist in Branchburg, NJ can help address behavior issues. Search for a child therapist in Scotch Plains, NJ for support today.

From Hiding to Exploding: Understanding Varied Faces of Child Anxiety

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Childhood anxiety is an experience that often confuses parents and caregivers. As a child anxiety therapist, I see many different forms of anxiety. Most of us are familiar with classic signs of child anxiety.  We see a child hiding behind their mother’s legs.  They are unwilling to pet or even look at the playful puppy.  […]

A designated play space with colorful mats and a variety of toys to help encourage practical and purposeful play for treating childhood anxiety. Look for a play therapist in Branchburg or Scotch Plains, NJ today!

Part 2: The Vital Role of Play in Easing Anxiety in Children: Practical Tips for Parents

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The therapeutic benefits of play are numerous. You can find these discussed in Part 1 of The Vital Role of Play in Easing Anxiety in Children. In fact, play is very frequently integrated by our clinicians who provide child anxiety treatment at home and in our Scotch Plains, NJ and Branchburg, NJ offices.  There are […]

A woman smiles at a child during a play therapy session. This could represent the support child therapy in New Jersey can offer in addressing child anxiety. Learn more about the hlep a child therapist in Branchburg, NJ can offer by searching for child counseling in Branchburg, NJ today.

Part 1: The Vital Role of Play in Easing Anxiety in Children

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Play is a powerful tool for children and adults alike.  However, academic pressures and extracurricular commitments frequently overshadow the importance of play. We live in a society that can be very focused on accomplishments.  This can even seep into therapy.  There can be an expectation in therapy that we fix the problem, develop coping skills […]

A child sits alone with a bear while facing a wall. Learn how a trauma therapist in Scoth Plains, NJ can offer support with parenting help in Scotch Plains, NJ or addressing past trauma. Search for trauma therapy in Branchburg, NJ today.

When Parents Fall Short: Finding Emotional Fulfillment as Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

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The desire for emotional support from parents is a natural and deeply ingrained aspect of being human. It is in fact built into our biology and physiology. It’s rooted in survival.  Furthermore, this is intensely true as children but doesn’t disappear as we become adults. Additionally, as adults, we can feel the need for parental […]

Meet the EMDR Therapists

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What is EMDR Therapy?  Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a well-researched technique for therapy. EMDR can help individuals feeling “stuck” to move forward through reprocessing distressing memories. Including memories experienced after a traumatic event.  EMDR is effective at helping adults, teens, and children. It uses bilateral stimulation of both the left and right […]