Braving Motherhood Support & Empowerment Group

Is motherhood not quite what you expected?

Do you find yourself struggling with all the changes, expectations and transitions?

Do your worries sometimes get the best of you?

Can you imagine having a place to grow into the mother you want to be?

We can!

A quote from Jessica Pizzo, LCSW PMH-C that reads, "While many groups focus on the first year of motherhood, there are many challenges that extend beyond that. This unique group is for moms of children ages 0-3. It will be a community focused on sharing experiences, and talking through transitions. I am passionate about this group because as a mother myself I felt like no one was talking about the challenges I was going through."

In a world that devalues mothers, the Braving Motherhood Group is about igniting the courage to be the mother you want to be.

Whether you are braving the first weeks, or the first years of motherhood, you deserve a community of support.  You deserve a road map to help you navigate this season of your life.  You deserve to feel empowered.

7 Week Virtual Support & Empowerment Group for New Jersey Moms

Imagine having the tools to navigate mom guilt.  What is mom guilt?  Mom guilt is the emotion your body experiences when you have failed to live up to expectations for yourself as a mom.  Are these expectations realistic?  Are they your value-based expectations?  And if they are, how do you tolerate mom guilt when you don’t live up to your expectations?  Perfect parenting is not a thing!  And then there is mom shame.  This is when you start to question your self-worth as a parent.

Now picture having the tools to navigate mom guilt.

Imagine being able to identify when society is pushing expectations of perfection and self-sacrifice.  Picture being able to see when you are overloaded with physical and emotional labor and feeling capable of setting appropriate boundaries.

Imagine feeling connected and confident in your unique identity as a parent.

Motherhood can leave you feeling lost at sea.  Envision feeling grounded in your identity as a mother.  With your community of supporters, you feel confident in teasing out what expectations are from your heart and which were never yours.   It’s time to shed expectations that do not fit.

In this group we dive into intergenerational effects on parenting.  How is your history impacting the parent you want to be?  How do you identify your triggers so you can heal your wounds and simultaneously shift from reactive parenting to responsive parenting?

Together we step into community empowerment.

We smash the myths used to compare and minimize different motherhood journeys.  We honor the journey of motherhood by diving into the changes that impact you.

  • Your body has done miraculous work.  It’s different.  Learn to respect where it is now even if you wish for change in the future.
  • Sex might be different.  Feel empowered in your postpartum intimacy journey.  You may need time to heal physically and emotionally.  Or you may be ready to reclaim your sex life.  Your journey is unique and accepted.
  • Relationships are changing.  Articulate what it is you want in your relationships.  Practice healthy communication.  Boundary making.  And learn how others make it work in their household.

Why an Online Moms Support Group in New Jersey?

Because we find power in relationships.  Isolation fuels the stress of motherhood.  In community, we can combat mom shame.  We give mom guilt a critical eye and empower each other to connect with our confidence and work smarter, not harder.  We can shed perfectionism.   Moreover, we can identify and let go of the societal expectations.

Braving Motherhood Group is about igniting the courage to be the mother you want to be.  The courage to trust that you can figure it out.  And that you can connect with the community you need to help you figure it out.  You can watch your power come to life as you lift up other mothers, giving them the gift of knowledge and support.  And you can receive support in a world that sometimes leaves mothers to do it on their own.

This group will meet for seven weeks, virtually. All members will need to be located in NJ. I specialize in supporting perinatal and postpartum parents in their adjustment to parenting. I am passionate about creating a safe place for moms to share their stories and develop the necessary skills to thrive.

Why Connect with Other Moms?

Topics of discussion for this Online Moms Support Group in New Jersey include:

Rates and Details:

  • $50 per session ($350 for the entire program)
  • 7 session program
  • Wednesday Afternoons at 12 -1:30 pm


Connect with our Scheduling Team at 908-242-3634 ext 1

Next group starts April 10th, 2024

To express interest in the group, please fill out the form below:


Jessica Pizzo, LCSW, Group leader for the virtual moms support Group and Postpartum therapist

Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about helping those struggling with postpartum depression and birth trauma. She creates a safe place for her clients to share their stories and develop the necessary skills to thrive. Jessica specializes in treatment for children, families, and mothers.