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Population: Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Population: Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Athletes, Dancers

Population: Children, Teens, Adults, Families, Couples, First Responders, Blended Families

Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem, Identity Challenges (gender, sexuality), Food Allergy Anxiety

Anxiety/Panic, Depression, Self-Esteem,
Food Allergy Anxiety

Child Sexual Abuse, Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety/Panic, Family Conflict, Food Allergy Anxiety

(NJ & VT licensed)

(NJ, FL, & CT, licensed)(Portuguese and Spanish speaking)

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Headshot of Elaine Harrison-Yau
Child Therapist NJ

Populations: Children, Teens, Adults, Parents

Populations: Children, Teens, Adults

Populations: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Parents

Areas of Knowledge: Anxiety, Social Anxiety & Friendship Stress, Academic Stress/Anxiety, Parent Coaching, Grief

Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Anxiety, Developmental Disabilities, Food Allergy Anxiety

Trauma, Anxiety/Panic, Postpartum Depression, Birth Trauma, Child Sexual Abuse/Assault, Food Allergy Anxiety

(NJ & PA licensed)

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Populations: Children, Tweens, Adults, Parents

Populations: Children, Tweens, Parents, ADHDers, AuDHDers

Populations: Children, Teens, Adults, Equestrians

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Food Allergy Anxiety

Specializations: Anxiety, Stress, Emotional Dysregulation, Behavioral Challenges

Sexual Abuse, Anxiety,  Equestrian Trauma, Perinatal Grief and Loss, Food Allergy Anxiety

(NJ & NY licensed)

(NJ, FL, VT, & ME licensed)

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Populations: Children, Teens, Adults, Parents, Neurodivergent Individuals

Populations: Children, Teens, Adults, Families, Couples

Areas of Knowledge:
Anxiety/Panic, Trauma, Shame, Food Allergy Anxiety

Areas of Knowledge:
Anxiety/Panic, Depression, Self Esteem, Grief/Loss, Food Allergy Anxiety

Populations: Children, Teens, Adults, Parenting,
Adult Children of Narcissists

Populations: Children, Teens, Couples, Families

Anxiety/Stress, Food Allergy Anxiety, Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Abuse

Anxiety/Stress, Depression, Major Life Challenge (Divorce, Remarriage, Death)

(NJ, FL, CT, & NY licensed)

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Brianna Albanese, BS
(pronouns: she/her)
Senior Scheduling Specialist
(Hear Name)

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