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3 Ways to Heal from Perfectionism

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Are you a self-proclaimed “perfectionist”? Or do others often put you on a high pedestal to achieve and always be on top of things? Perfectionism, while not a diagnosable mental illness, can wreak havoc on those who wrestle with the nagging thought of “Am I good enough?” What is Perfectionism? Merriam Webster defines perfectionism as […]

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6 Action-Steps for Health Anxiety During COVID-19

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News headlines. Death tolls. Toilet paper shortages. Financial insecurity. Conspiracy theories. Masks and gloves. Empty shelves. These are the images and experiences we are encountering daily during the current pandemic. It’s tough to fathom not feeling anxious at this point. And honestly, the anxiety that you are feeling is understandable given so many uncertainties and […]

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Chair Grounding Exercise (Video)

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Julie Sisselman Marshall, LCSW teaches a chair grounding exercise to reduce stress and anxiety.     Learn more about our Anxiety Therapy Services Contact us for a free phone consultation. (908) 242-3634 or Connect Now   Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about helping her clients overcome depression, anxiety, and stress. Julie […]

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2 Easy Grounding Exercises to Reduce Anxiety, Tension, and Stress

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Are you feeling overwhelmed lately – as if you are thinking about everything and anything all at once? Maybe you are feeling more exhausted than usual (we’ve all been there). Perhaps your back or neck is full of tension, you’re having trouble sleeping, or you’re simply more careless. For most adults, days are filled with […]

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3 Tips For The Freshmen Adjustment To High School

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The transition period between middle school to high school can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for teens.  They are going through puberty, trying to ‘fit in’, and have hundreds of questions. High school comes with new routines, new environments, new social scenes, and new expectations. Below are 3 common high school fears and how […]