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Therapists at Brave Minds know change is hard.

Fawn McNeil-Haber Psychologist traumat therapist
Fawn McNeil-Haber, PhD

Moving in a new direction can at times feel like a battle.  Whether you are struggling to cope with a difficult situation, an influx of anxiety and stress, or grief and loss, it can be worrisome, frustrating and, at times, downright infuriating and heartbreaking. You might be worried about how anxiety and stress has overtaken your life.  Your heart may be breaking as you try to deal with a major loss or hurt. Your child may be acting out their pain, stress and anxiety in ways that can leave you frustrated.  Secretly (or openly) you might be fed up or overwhelmed by the situation or the ones you love most. A trusted therapist can help you overcome fears and worries, create growth from difficult situations, and embrace life.





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We proudly support the Transgender community, the LGBQTIA+ community, Black lives, People of Color and welcome people of any race, ethnicity, and spiritual practices.