Shows an individual riding a horse in equestrian therapy. Represents how equestrian therapy in new jersey will support you with your equestrian related trauma.

Meet the Equestrian Therapists

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What is Equestrian Trauma?  Equestrian Trauma is an umbrella term for a variety of issues equestrians may face. Indeed, equestrian trauma is not so much about the severity of the incident that occurred but rather the impact on the Equestrian’s mental health. The following events may be considered traumatic: Falling off your horse and having […]

Three girls horses in a field. All three girls are wearing black riding boots, white pants, collared shirts and black riding helmets. The horses are brown and white.

4 Ways Equestrian Coaches Can Prevent Bullying

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The words “you are now being judged” echo over the loudspeaker and all eyes are on your rider. You’ve worked tirelessly to get them where they are today. You’re there to cheer them on no matter what happens in the arena. You’re there supporting them alongside their parents/guardians. Is the rest of the team showing […]

A dark brown horse galloping, preparing to jump. The rider is wearing all white with black boots.

Equestrian Trauma: Understanding the Anxiety After a Horse-Related injury

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One, two, three, one, two, three, one… His approach was too long to make the jump. The distance wasn’t right and you were unable to correct it. You didn’t see it coming and you’re unbalanced. In a split second, you find yourself tumbling over his shoulder, hitting the ground, and seeing his front legs two […]