Adult Therapy

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
– Maya Angelou


Life is complicated and at times overwhelming. We welcome people of all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds as well as sexual and gender expressions. One of the most important aspects of entering therapy is being provided a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate space where you can allow your most authentic self to come through. Your needs and goals are understood from the perspective of your life experiences and how they are situated in your culture and worldview. Challenges in life can foster feelings of depression, grief, anxiety and panic. Through open collaboration, you will be supported and challenged to move past fears, hurts and conflicts to develop new avenues of expression, manners of thinking and successful ways of being.

Are you struggling with emotional reactions that make you feel stuck in a world that is unsafe, where your body is reactive and raw?  Emotions may come quickly and intensely or not at all. Traumatic stress can make it difficult and at times impossible to fully engage in the joys of life. Interpersonal traumas, sexual assaults, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse, can leave you feeling betrayed, unable to trust, and shameful as additional components of the traumatic stress. The brain, body, mind and relationships are impacted by traumatic stress. Therapy can be an avenue for you to begin to reclaim control of your life.


Our trained and caring therapists at our counseling offices in Branchburg and Scotch Plains are waiting to connect and work with you. If you’d prefer to meet with a counselor via video session, we can offer online therapy in New Jersey. To begin counseling, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Connect with Brave Minds Psychological Services today for a free consultation phone call.
  2. Get your questions answered by one of our compassionate therapists.
  3. Begin feeling more hopeful about your life from today forward.


Other Counseling Services At Brave Minds Psychological Services

At Brave Minds Psychological Services, we offer a variety of services from our licensed therapists in order to get you on the right path to healing. Our therapeutic services include anxiety treatment for childrenchild sexual abuse therapytherapy for teensanxiety treatment for teensteen social phobia therapyadult anxiety counselingcouples counselingcounseling for parentspostpartum counselingbirth trauma therapysexual assault counseling for adults, and food allergy therapy. We also have a blog where we write about a variety of different mental health subjects. If you’re interested in learning more about our mental health services here at Brave Minds Psychological Services, please contact our Scotch Plains and Branchburg counseling offices!  Proud to serve Somerville, Bridgewater, Raritan, Readington and surrounding areas as well as Fanwood, Westfield, Cranford, New Providence and surrounding areas.