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Are You Overwhelmed By Parental Stress?

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Do you find yourself losing patience with your child(ren)? Maybe you occasionally lash out, only to feel guilty afterward, as if this isn’t how a “good parent” should behave. If your child seems withdrawn or defiant, you may feel ineffective in your ability to get through to them.

If you’re juggling work with family and other responsibilities, you likely feel overwhelmed. You might even feel like you’re falling short in every area of your life. Do you worry that your stress is affecting your relationship with your child(ren)? In the midst of everything going on, perhaps you just want to feel closer to your child.

Maybe you’re aware of a family history or are currently dealing with anxiety and/or depression. You may be wondering how this impacts your child. Similarly, if you’re grieving, it can be hard to keep the pain from spilling over.

You want to model healthy love to your child, but you realize something may be getting in the way.

Has your child recently experienced something distressing, such as a diagnosis, traumatic experience or something else? Are you worried you’re not fully supporting them because you’re grappling with the news yourself?  

Regardless of the specifics, parenting is a strenuous journey. You may find yourself stretched thin in ways you hadn’t considered. You want to be at your best, especially when others are counting on you, but the truth is you’re barely treading above water.

Many Parents Are Overwhelmed

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Most parents find that raising children stirs up intense feelings of love, nurturance, protection, fear, frustration and a lot more. In other words, stress is a regular part of parenting.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you are certainly not alone.

As a parent, your to-do list may seem endless. You go to work, pay the bills, vacuum the house, mow the grass and grocery shop. But wait, you also have to drive your child to soccer practice, help them with homework and consider their emotional well-being.

Furthermore, societal expectations for parents are intense. Everyone has an opinion of how children should be raised. You may feel the pressure to be the “perfect parent,” with perfectly behaved children. With standards like these, you might inevitably feel “less than.” These standards can also contribute to neglecting your child’s unique needs, as well as your particular values as a parent. In truth, outside perceptions of how you “should” parent don’t really apply, because you understand your child and your family in ways no one else can.


If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition or endured a traumatic experience, it’s natural for you to worry. You may wonder: how this could this happen? You may even blame yourself.

But you are not to blame, and you are not “less than.” And, you don’t have to go through this alone. With the guidance of an experienced parenting therapist, you can receive useful insights and tools to equip you for the parenting journey.  

Parental Coaching Can Provide Insight, Skills, Peace, Balance And Joy

Parenting counseling can successfully improve your relationship with your child(ren), help you deal with life stressors and identify what you need to feel balanced.  

During safe, compassionate parenting therapy sessions, we may look at everything from your family history – what models of parenting and relationships you had — to your current parenting experience. While we unpack your past, we’ll also define your unique parenting goals. This allows us to identify areas that aren’t working and develop ones that could. Education around child development is also a crucial aspect of this work. This provides you with the objectivity needed to nurture and guide your child.

Depending on where you’re at, parental counseling can take many forms. Although there are a variety of reasons parents seek counseling, some common ones appear below in bold.

Life Transitions & Heavy Stress

Parents tend to struggle more during times of transition and heavy stress. As a parent, it’s crucial to model healthy behaviors to your children. If you’ve recently moved, divorced or lost a loved one, you may feel completely overwhelmed. Or, if your daily tasks feel out of control, we can provide strategies to reduce stress and increase balance. A qualified parenting therapist can also help you prioritize your own needs– your need to recharge, fuel your passions and have an identity outside of parenthood. Caring for yourself often means you’re more present in other areas of your life.

Adult Anxiety And Depression

If you’re a parent dealing with ongoing anxiety, depression or a history of traumatic experience(s), the big emotions that come with parenting may seem overwhelming. A parenting therapist can help you manage your mental well-being so you can focus more on caring for your child. Learn more about anxiety treatment for adults.

Your Child Is Struggling

When your child is hurting, so are you. As a result, you may not feel like your best self, let alone the best parent you can be. In a non-judgmental, compassionate space, you explore your child’s particular needs and define your values as a parent. When you’re able to identify triggers to distress and practice effective coping strategies, you’re then able to better navigate problems. Furthermore, we can recommend and coach you through specific strategies to help you guide your child and managing your emotional distress. We also offer child counseling to children who are struggling and teen therapy for teens. 

Collectively, we have been guiding parents for over two decades. With our support, you can walk away with specific strategies that promote long-term wellness. Imagine the fog being lifted. Envision feeling confident in your ability to have firm boundaries, while nurturing a strong, open relationship with your child. Picture being able to balance the many moving parts of your life.

We also offer Online Therapy for parents seeking support.  See an online counselor for parents from the comfort of your home.


You may still have questions or concerns about parenting counseling…

I don’t have time for parenting therapy.Parent Counseling Scotch Plains Westfield New Jersey

As a parent, you’re likely overworked. Unfortunately, running on empty can limit your ability to be the kind, patient, productive parent you wish to be. Therapy can help restore your energy. You’d be surprised how much extra time you have when you’re feeling good. In this way, taking one hour out of your week can actually save you time.

Also, you only have so long with your child(ren) before they go off into the world. Can you afford not to take this opportunity? Don’t wait. Make your relationship with your child the best it can be.  

Shouldn’t I be able to handle this on my own?

One of the hallmarks of being a good parent is knowing when to reach out for support. When they are sick, you call the doctor. When they’re struggling in school, you call the teacher. You collaborate with these trusted sources to create the best outcome for your child. Therapy is no different. If you and/or your child are struggling emotionally, you deserve expert guidance and support.  

My child is the one with the problem, not me.

If your child is acting out, parental counseling can provide you with useful skills that work with your child’s behavior, and therefore, allow you to experience increased empowerment and joy.  

You Deserve Support

If you are looking for parent coaching and support, please call (908) 242-3634 or use the contact form for a free 20-minute consultation. We are happy to talk with you about how parenting counseling can help you identify and achieve your goals. We are proud to be located in Branchburg and Scotch Plains, NJ.  Online therapy services are offered for the state of New Jersey.

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