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Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

            -Brené Brown


Our Mission

Brave Minds Psychological Services is dedicated to creating an inclusive safe space for individuals affected by difficult, traumatizing and painful childhood experiences to learn to trust, heal, connect and move forward. BMPS is committed to working with parents to create safe, nurturing, and attuned environment for their children where they can identify their child’s emotional, psychological and behavioral needs and sensitively attend and respond to them. Lastly, BMPS enthusiastically seeks to develop brave minded children, adolescents and adults who can live, love, thrive and excel despite fears, anxieties, and painful experiences.

Brave Minds believes in LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy and neurodiversity affirming therapy.  We believe Black lives matter and hold a commitment to antiracist practices.  Cultural humility is ongoing state of mind we strive to maintain. In addition to inclusion and collaboration, we value empowerment, growth, responsiveness, authenticity, courage and diversity.

QTPOC applicants strongly encouraged to apply

Spanish speaking applicants strongly encouraged to apply

Benefits of Working for Brave Minds

  • Competitive pay from $45-$98 per session
  • Comfortable and professional environment to treat children and families
  • Supportive atmosphere for employees to grow and do their best work
  • Retirement savings IRA plan
  • On the job training and mentorship
  • Develop education and skills in mental health and marketing
  • Bi-monthly direct deposit
  • Testimonials from current employees below

Employment Opportunities  & Mental Health Therapist Positions Available:

Child Mental Health Therapist/Counselor, in person/hybrid in Branchburg, NJ

Graduate Internships

Testimonials from Employees

When I saw there was a clinician opportunity at Brave Minds, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to apply, and there has not been one second that I regretted that decision. Working with Dr. Fawn, the clinicians, and the administrative staff at Brave Minds Psychological Services, is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my career. You would be hard pressed to find a team that is as supportive as the one we have here and I, for one, look forward to a long and happy career with them.

Since coming onboard at Brave Minds I have grown as a therapist in ways that I had only dreamed of. The opportunities to learn from Dr. Fawn and my colleagues have been fundamental to my growth as a therapist. I have never felt more fulfilled in a place of employment as I do now.

The work we do at Brave Minds is not easy work, but there is never a day where I close the office door behind me and feel that I can’t do it again tomorrow. The biggest reason contributing to knowing I can do it again the next day is because of the support, the guidance, and the mentorship that I have been afforded here at Brave Minds.

Elaine Harrison-Yau, LCSW


As a therapist working at Brave Minds, what inspires me most is our commitment to preventing the spread of intergenerational trauma. Trauma is something that happens that changes the way you view and interact with the world around you. Trauma not only has a lasting impact on the individual, but if not treated can impact generations to come. At Brave Minds we understand the science behind how trauma impacts the brain and body, the ways in which we experience trauma from our ancestors, and the ways it can impact your future lineage. We are committed to supporting our clients in doing the healing work to stop the ongoing impact of their painful life experiences. We create a safe space to empower the cycle breakers and teach them the skills to overcome the challenges that come along with healing generational trauma, such as advocating for yourself and setting boundaries.

Each day when I come to work at Brave Minds, I witness the power of healing trauma, and the widespread impact it can have across generations. It is an honor to create a healing space for individuals to continue to do the brave work of overcoming the impact of trauma, and to witness how this work benefits not only my clients, but generations to come.

Jessica Pizzo, LCSW


Working at Brave Minds has been a breath of fresh air in my professional life. BMPS is a solid practice that encourages a positive, non-competitive environment. One of my favorite parts of the job is working with Dr. Fawn. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Fawn who is knowledgeable, respectful, available when needed, and supportive of my professional development. I also greatly enjoy the clientele I work with and the office space I work in. I appreciate the positive experiences I’ve had here and look forward to staying here long-term.

Lauren Grossbach, LMFT


Being a part of the Brave Minds team has given me the greatest opportunity for growth personally, as well as professionally. When you feel valued by your clinical director as well as the other therapists, it creates an environment that fosters a passion and appreciation for the work we do here. I began working here as a graduate student and was given a glimpse of what my future would be like as a therapist. That was invaluable to me. Working for Dr. Fawn is truly a privilege, as she has taught me a great deal about the values and skills of being in this field.

Lisa Weiss, LCSW


Dr. Fawn McNeil-Haber is unflinchingly dedicated to fostering a work culture of cooperation, mutual support, mutual growth, and professionalism. I have been given ample opportunities to learn and develop personally and professionally through individual and practice-wide trainings, ever-available mentorship, and peer supervision. In my time here I have gained experience of immeasurable value that I am positive will prove useful for the rest of my career, though at this point I cannot foresee leaving this practice anytime soon. This is an excellent practice at which to begin or elevate a career as a psychotherapist.

Linda Farag, LSW


I have had a wonderful experience working at Brave Minds Psychological Services.  Moreover, I have learned so much about private therapy practices which has enhanced my knowledge base and career goals.  I value and appreciate working in a very supportive and professional atmosphere.  Dr. Fawn is more than a Clinical Director, she is a true mentor and I feel very lucky to have met her and to be a part of her amazing team here at Brave Minds!

Victoria Smith, BA, Previous Administrative Assistant


Interested in Joining Our Team?

Even if you do not see a listing that matches your skill set, send us an email to Lisa Weiss, LCSW, ( Practice Manager. Please, put “Interested in Future Employment” in the subject line.  Resumes should include any license information and number as well as educational and experience background. Please include a cover letter highlighting your interest in Brave Minds, relevant experience, and professional goals.


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