Megan Herelle, LAMFT

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Relationships make up the foundation of our lives. Whether that be a relationship with yourself, friends, family, or a partner. The health of our relationships deeply impacts us. This is true in many ways including our emotional well-being, overall sense of safety, and feelings of happiness. When our relationships experience challenges this can fill us with doubt, insecurities, and the feeling of instability. You might be grappling with communication struggles, navigating conflict amongst family members, or wanting to learn more about yourself.

This is where a relational therapist comes in.

Hi, I am Megan (She/Her), a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and a relationship healer. Working with couples, families and children navigating conflicts in relationships can produce lasting mental wellness.


There are so many different aspects that shape who we are. 

As a white woman in an interracial and intercultural marriage, I believe in the importance of affirmative therapy. Affirming therapy honors differences and creates connection in the midst of appreciating our unique intersectional identities. From given families to chosen families and from friends to coworkers, there are so many layers that impact and shape who we are. Therapy should provide space for all aspects of your identity to show up and grow.

Growing up as the classic middle child, I witnessed and understood multiple perspectives. Through active listening each person’s truth can be understood. Moreover, we can develop a shared understanding of how to move forward. In therapy, not only do we need space to process our experiences, but also try something new. It may be a new coping skill, daily routine or conflict resolution skill. Creative problem solving, trying different solutions to challenges and reporting the outcome is crucial.


Tweens & Family Therapy

Being a tween or a pre-teen is one of the most valuable experiences. Your child is trying to figure out who they are and how to navigate their world. There may be a growing list of concerns your child has relating to grades, social interactions and extracurriculars. While pre-teens are navigating these concerns, they may also be facing anxiety, depression, or struggles with emotion regulation. To many pre-teens what was once a list of concerns has now turned into a mountain of fear leaving them little room to climb the mountain with confidence as they are unsure how to move forward.

When working with pre-teens it is important to understand how they see and experience life. Together we talk about their place in the world, their family, moments of frustration, anxiety and peer relationships with the goal of increasing their sense of ownership, confidence and self-awareness. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I aim to bring families into my sessions. We balance your child’s feeling that this is their space, with encouraging them to express themselves and share with family. Together we will work to gain a better understanding of one another through open communication and finding compromises

No one family is the same. This is one of the exciting hallmarks of family therapy. Whether big, small, extended or chosen, family therapy is what you make it. At the heart of family therapy is the understanding that an individual is best understood as a part of their family. Your family influences who you are. When you take the time to allow your family this unique space, the outcome impacts everyone. Together as you discuss past family hurts or current challenges, everyone will be able to have their voice heard.

It’s possible new thoughts and feelings will come to the surface aiding in your understanding of one another. Actively participating in family therapy gives you and your family the feeling of being a team and overcoming challenges together. In family therapy we cover a variety of topics from creating family goals, establishing family values, discussing conflict resolution strategies, grieving losses and healing from previous hurts. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what we can conquer in family therapy and I’d love to guide you through the process.


Couples Counseling

Alternatively, sometimes we need to focus on the romantic relationship in counseling. Your relationship with your partner is an intimate space. Inviting a couple’s therapist into this space is not an easy decision. When you make that leap to work with a couples counselor, you open the door of communication with your partner. You can further connect, or reconnect, with each other in meaningful ways. Together you will navigate differences in culture, communication styles, values and intimacy. Additionally you will have the opportunity to navigate previous points of conflict and past hurts.This vulnerable experience can promote healing and long-term stability to your relationship. Allowing a couples therapist to guide you through reflecting and processing hurtful memories gives you added support and insight. This, paired with open discussion in a safe space, can help you walk through life not only as teammates, but as partners.



In addition to everyday challenges that many couples face, sometimes betrayal and infidelity are added to this list. Infidelity can send a couple into crisis, leaving you unsure of which direction to go next. In these moments both partners need a skilled third party to be a listening ear and a guiding force. This can help you and your partner determine your next steps, whether together or separately. Infidelity counseling requires us to walk through the betrayal you have experienced and process its impact on your relationship, family and previous hurts. Additionally, we will spend some time discussing your relationship pre-infidelity and your individual histories. This can help us understand and process how your relationship arrived at this point of conflict.

Infidelity counseling is a time for exploration, honesty, and healing. Navigating infidelity is an experience that involves a unique grieving process. While infidelity counseling can be very vulnerable, with the help of a therapist, together you can embrace those vulnerabilities. This can lead you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself, a deeper understanding of your relationship and confidence in your next step.



I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Syracuse University. My clinical experience includes in-home case management and outpatient private practice care. I have worked with individuals ages 7-85 years old, families, and couples. I am most passionate about helping my clients overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from connecting with themselves and others.

My treatment modalities include Narrative Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy, Structural Family Therapy, and Gottman Method.

I will be working under the supervision of Lauren Grossbach, LMFT, with services located in our Branchburg, NJ office serving Hillsborough, Bridgewater, Bedminster and surrounding areas.