supporting your senior during covid19

Supporting Your Senior in the Midst of COVID-19 Cancellations: Interviews with Seniors

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You have noticed your child withdrawing; in their room for hours. They say they are working on school work, but this isn’t how it was supposed to be. It is your child’s senior year, and nothing is quite as you imagined. You imaged helping them get ready for prom and worrying if they would make […]

teen depression therapy union county

Teen Depression: Is My Teen Depressed?

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Have you noticed that your once motivated and social teen has lost their drive and/or interest? Experiencing sadness, irritability, inability to focus and fatigue are all normal experiences  throughout one’s life. However, if these feelings are troubling your teen or impacting your teen’s ability fully participate in school, social life, or extracurriculars, it may be […]

teen panic disorder therapy in scotch plains new jersey

Anxiety in Teens: How to Help Your Child Through the Storm of a Panic Attack

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The raging hormones, social pressures, and academic load a teenager carries can easily create the perfect storm of anxiety. It’s no wonder anxiety in teens is identifiable now more than ever. As a parent, wanting to remove anxiety or distress from your child’s life is only natural. But remember, it’s impossible to wash away your […]

Talking to teen about sexting

Talking To Your T(w)een About Sexting: Part 3

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In the previous blog, I talked about Simple Communication Techniques On How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting.  With those tips you can begin to navigate awkward conversations related to sexting and sexual health.  Furthermore, you can communicate with your teen without lecturing, blaming or yelling. But what if you find out that your […]

Simple Communication Techniques on How to Talk to Your T(w)een About Sexting

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The teenage years are a time when your child starts to pull away from you and become more independent.  As their brain grows and develops, this time in their lives can be tricky in terms of decision making and emotions. Communicating every detail of their sexuality is not something that teenagers want nor should do. […]

teen therapy in nj

5 Things for Parents to Consider About Teen Sexting

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Children and teens are now growing up during a time of digital socialization. They’re texting, tweeting, snapchatting, all the things you didn’t do, or even knew would exist, when you were their age. Sometimes you may wonder what are they doing spending so much time on their devices? Socializing digitally is something that is ever-changing. […]

Freshmen entering high school

3 Tips For The Freshmen Adjustment To High School

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The transition period between middle school to high school can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for teens.  They are going through puberty, trying to ‘fit in’, and have hundreds of questions. High school comes with new routines, new environments, new social scenes, and new expectations. Below are 3 common high school fears and how […]

Teens and food allergy anxiety therapy nj

Food Allergies and Anxiety (Part 3 of 4): Helping Teens

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Last time, we talked about young children with food allergy related anxiety.  In this third article in our series, we look at teens with food allergies who start to experience heightened anxiety.  Adolescence is full of changes and adjustments that create additional stress for teens.  Peer dynamics shift, thinking becomes more complicated, and teens crave […]