Dark road in the middle of the night. Driving anxiety treatment in Cranford, NJ can help you thrive.

Navigating Driving Anxiety: Part 2 of 2

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In my last blog Understanding Driving Anxiety, I focused on understanding driving anxiety, where it may come from, and how it can become a roadblock in everyday living. Amaxophobia, the fear of driving, as well as different forms of travel anxiety, can get in the way of your everyday living.  This leads to increased stress, […]

Image of a woman covering her face while sitting in the car. Have you considered anxiety treatment in Westfield, NJ? A therapist can help you address your fear of driving in anxiety therapy. If have experienced signs of anxiety then it is time to start anxiety counseling. Reach out now to start in New Jersey

Understanding Driving Anxiety

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How Amaxophobia (Fear of Driving) Can Take Over Your Life Has your anxiety grown so intense it has prevented you from an essential everyday task like driving? Maybe it happens when driving somewhere new or somewhere far. Even driving to drop your child off at school in the morning. You don’t know why, but this […]