Intimate partner relationship changes after motherhood.

Adjusting to Relationship Changes After Motherhood: Your Relationship With Your Partner

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Your tiny human has come into this world and you are left wondering how something so tiny can cause such upheaval! Your baby is born and it seems as if your entire world is turned upside down. As you transition into your new role as mother, your identity shifts and changes. Things that once came […]

4 tips to cope with anxiety

4 Tips to Get Your Thinking Brain Back Online When Your Feeling Brain is Freaking Out: How To Cope With Anxiety…Like, Now.

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In today’s world, the pressure is on.  Everyone can feel anxious and stressed at times. But what happens when your anxiety sticks around and doesn’t want to leave? Often times, anxiety can take over your thoughts and feelings in a way that impedes your thinking brain.  With that being said, it is time to take […]

Why pregnancy loss is more painful than you think.

4 Reasons Why Pregnancy Loss is More Painful Than You Thought

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Staring at the test in your hand, you patiently await the results. The word “pregnant” reads across the tiny screen and you are experiencing what feels like a million different emotions at once. This was the answer you were waiting for. At this moment, your identity shifts. You’re no longer just yourself, you are also […]

stress relief grounding strategy

2 Easy Grounding Exercises to Reduce Anxiety, Tension, and Stress

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Are you feeling overwhelmed lately – as if you are thinking about everything and anything all at once? Maybe you are feeling more exhausted than usual (we’ve all been there). Perhaps your back or neck is full of tension, you’re having trouble sleeping, or you’re simply more careless. For most adults, days are filled with […]