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COVID-19 and the College Freshman Experience

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Welcome to your very first year college, Class of 2024! These next four years will be full of friendships, new experiences, and of course, academics. Unfortunately, the pandemic is yet again interrupting one of the most memorable times in your life. First prom, then graduation and now your freshman year. I know how badly you’ve […]

body shaming equestrian sport

Being a Body-Positive Parent in Equestrian Sports

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Teenage girls are constantly comparing themselves to other girls. Participating in a sport where you’re judged based upon your performance and athleticism increases the awareness of appearance. All eyes are on you when you’re competing. Comments come from all directions: peers, coaches, parents, and even the lady at the tack shop. Body image in the […]

coping with anxiety and horseback riding

Saddling Up Again: Understanding Your Riding Anxiety

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With the recent restriction being lifted on horseback riding in New Jersey, you’re ready to get back to your favorite place again. You swing your leg over a saddle that you haven’t sat in in months. You’re met with an unfamiliar feeling in your stomach. Excitement? Nervousness? Maybe a little of both? A few months […]