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5 Truths To Remember As You Navigate The Transition To Parenting A Toddler

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Just as you begin to think that you have the infant stage figured out, your child transitions to toddlerhood. You are now sprung into a whole new world of challenges. So often we talk about the sleepless nights of infancy, and the transition to parenthood. But what about the transition to being the parent of a toddler? 

A mother covers her face while laying next to her sleeping child. This could represent the struggles of being a new parent. Search for a “therapist branchburg, nj” to learn more about the support a child therapist in branchburg, nj can offer today. During my own transition to life as the mom of a toddler, I found myself overwhelmed with the way that toddlerhood will test your ability to self-regulate, communicate effectively, and set boundaries with others. It was exhausting, in a different way than those sleepless newborn nights!

As you grow with your child, and transition to life as the parent of a toddler, it is normal for thoughts of anxious self-doubt to arise. You may be left wondering, am I doing this right? One of my favorite skills to teach clients is – talk back to your anxiety! Next time you find yourself struggling with the transition, use these truths to challenge negative thoughts when they pop up. You can even try repeating them back to yourself, as an affirmation or a mantra. 

1. Relationship changes are normal and to be expected:

In the toddler years, you may notice that your relationships are changing. Not only with yourself but with everyone around you. You and your partner may be adjusting to new routines and contributions to your family, feeling overwhelmed and touched out, and your sex life dwindling. You may also be experiencing changing family relationships as you continue to set boundaries and communicate the unique values and preferences of your family with extended family. 

Perhaps you are struggling to communicate with your co-parent, or as a single parent, you are struggling to find the right support system for you. Your relationships with friends may change as you have differing priorities and challenging schedules. If you are the birthing parent, your relationship with your body will change. You may feel pressure to be a certain body size by the time your child is a toddler. 

Focus on appreciating your body for all that it has done for you and your child. Prioritize putting your limited time and energy into relationships that make you feel good. As your toddler gains some independence, remember that it is necessary to carve out time for self-care and not let mom guilt get in the way Creating time for yourself will help you to show up as your best self in all of your relationships! 

After some self-care, I encourage you to have those difficult conversations with the people in your life. With changing relationships, can come changing boundaries. Communicate your new boundaries to the people around you.  

2. Prepare to be triggered:

As the parent of a toddler, you may notice yourself feeling triggered by your child often. This can look like your child melting down over you giving them the snack that they had just asked for. Or perhaps you gave them the wrong cup, or cut their sandwich wrong. You raise your voice or become hot, flustered, and overwhelmed. 

In the toddler years, with new behaviors comes new parenting challenges. This can bring about frequent conversations between you and your partner or co-parent on how you would like to parent and discipline. Use this opportunity to explore your childhood with your co-parent or support network. Talk about triggers and ways you can support each other and tackle parenting challenges together. 

A mother covers her face while her husband holds their child on the couch. Contact a child therapist in Branchburg, NJ to learn more about the benefits of child therapy in Branchburg, NJ, and other support for new parents.For example, if dinner time is overwhelming for you, your partner can take over meal-related meltdowns while you plan to tackle bath time. If you are a single parent, you can try journaling about your triggers and identify a self-care plan. Share important values and preferences with your support network or the other adults in your child’s life such as teachers. 

3. The transition to parenthood changes your sense of self and identity. It is ok if you are still figuring out who you are right now!

The toddler years come with their own unique sets of challenges that can impact your identity. Perhaps you are navigating the transition back to work, or working on creating a successful routine for your day as a stay-at-home parent. After the initial adjustment with a baby, it is common for parents in the toddler years to re-explore their identity. You may notice that you are ready to connect to yourself more as your child becomes increasingly independent. Now might be a good time to lean on your social support and check out that museum you have always wanted to visit or sign up for that class you have always wanted to try! 

4. Listen to your gut:

We are bombarded with pictures and images on social media, increasing the pressure we put on ourselves to parent or present a certain way. We all come from different cultures and have different values related to parenting. Try not to compare yourself to others or judge. Remember social media is just a highlight reel. Explore and identify your parenting values to increase your confidence in your parenting decisions. Trust your gut, no one knows your toddler better than you! 

5. Ensure time for self-care:

The toddler years can be very overwhelming. As the parent of a toddler, you may experience sensory overload, feeling overwhelmed by the noises and intensity that is life with a toddler. Many parents of toddlers feel touched out by the end of the day. A snuggle at the end of the night before bed may feel like just one touch too much, as you notice your body tense up and feel like it is going to explode. All of these experiences can be a normal part of the transition to toddlerhood. 

Although a typical part of the experience for many parents, we often feel isolated in these moments. I encourage all parents of toddlers to take care of themselves, but also to make connections with others. Community and connection are key in navigating the transition to toddlerhood! 

Parenting a toddler can bring up many overwhelming emotions, and even trauma triggers from childhood. Lean into your support network, and if you don’t have one that feels right just yet, keep looking. Look into local support and resources like mom or parent groups to connect with other individuals in the same stage of life. 

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