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Choosing a psychotherapist for your child or adolescent is a big decision.  We have four therapists to meet the needs of anxious and stressed youth.  The first step in choosing a counselor is selecting a therapist who is experienced in the area your child and family wishes to grow.  Furthermore, consider the personality fit of the therapist.  Finally, reflect on how you share this decision with your child.

Our areas of specialty with children and teens include:

  • Difficult and traumatic childhood experiences (e.g. death, divorce)
  • High achieving teens who are stressed and overwhelmed
  • Conflictual and repetitive family arguments
  • Under-achieving teens and young adults struggling with their emotions
  • Anxiety in children under 10
  • Children who just won’t listen
  • Child Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault

The personality fit of the therapist is essential.

One of the most important factors in therapy outcome is the relationship between the therapist and the client, us and you and your child.  In fact, many studies find that this is the most important component of treatment.

  • Can you feel a connection with the therapist when you share your concerns?
  • Do you feel heard, listened to and understood?
  • Do you and your child feel like they can trust the counselor?

We at Brave Minds set aside up to two hours for your families initial appointment.  This provides us with plenty of time to get to know you and your child or teen.  This also provides you with a chance to get to know your counselor.  You get a feel for the therapist’s style of work and if the therapist is a good fit for your child.

How do I tell my child or teen about going to therapy?

Talking with children and adolescents about going to therapy needn’t be a one time serious conversation.  You might bring up in passing that it is something that you are thinking about.  You might talk about why it would be helpful for the whole family or for you as a parent.  Framing the idea as a way the family and child can grow, rather that just pointing out the problem at hand can be disarming.

Perhaps your teen is the one that mentioned it to you.  For adolescents, involving them in the selecting process can assist in getting them invested in the experience.

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Bringing your child or teen to therapy is a big decision.  You don’t have to make it alone.  Call for a free consultation.  We will explain how professional services could be helpful and who might be a great fit for your family.


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Your Child Deserves Support

Our trained and caring therapists at our offices in Scotch Plains and Branchburg are waiting to work with you and your child in therapy. If you’d prefer to meet with a counselor via video session, we can offer online therapy in New Jersey. To begin counseling, follow a few simple steps:

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  3. Begin feeling more hopeful and heal from your birth experience today.

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At Brave Minds Psychological Services, we offer a variety of services from our licensed therapists in order to get you on the right path to healing. Our therapeutic services include anxiety treatment for children, child sexual abuse therapy, therapy for teens, anxiety treatment for teens, teen social phobia therapy, adult anxiety counseling, couples counseling, counseling for parentspostpartum counseling, birth trauma therapy, sexual assault counseling for adults, and food allergy therapy. We also have a blog where we write about a variety of different mental health subjects. If you’re interested in learning more about our mental health services here at Brave Minds Psychological Services, please contact our Scotch Plains and Branchburg counseling offices!  Proud to serve Somerville, Bridgewater, Raritan, Readington and surrounding areas as well as Fanwood, Westfield, Cranford, New Providence and surrounding areas.