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Infertility (Part 3): How to Support Someone You Love Who is Going Through Infertility

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In part 2 of this series, we explored the emotional toll, relationship changes, and work life changes that can happen during infertility. In this part, we’ll discuss how you can approach a conversation with a friend or family member going through infertility as well as ways you can find support in your network and community. […]

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Infertility (Part 2): Emotional Toll and Life Changes

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In part 1 of this series, we explored what infertility can look like, as well as financial burdens and physical changes. The effects of dealing with infertility only start there. In this part, we’ll discuss how infertility affects your emotions, relationships, and daily functioning. The Emotional Toll Infertility is often referred to as a “rollercoaster” […]

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How Infertility Changes Your Life

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When you hear that someone is going through infertility, what comes to mind?  Do you think of your own experiences with fertility?  Perhaps you remember hearing about that celebrity who also went through infertility. Maybe your mind goes to the world of adoption and other nontraditional families. When infertility comes up, you might feel a […]

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4 Reasons Why Understanding More about You and Your Partner’s Families Can Improve Your Present Relationship

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Have you ever done or said something that reminds you of your parents, guardians, or family of origin? Have you tried to undo the patterns you learned from childhood? In adulthood, whether you are close to your family or have a difficult relationship, their early influences are always with you. The family you grew up […]