5 Key Ways to Improve Co-Parenting Your Child with Food Allergies: Part 1 of 3

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The Isolating Struggles Any parent who has a child with food allergies can tell you what a challenging experience it is. The constant fear of harm, anxiety about contamination/contact, accommodations that need to be made for safety, and more, take a toll on the food allergy parent. While other children are picking their favorite foods […]

Tips to Manage Back to School Anxiety: Elementary School (Video)

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Lauren Stein, LMFT gives parents tips on how to help their first grader with back to school anxiety. In this video she talks about: Facilitating your child’s socialization The importance of extracurricular activities Your role and responsibilities in in anxiety management for your child     To learn more about how to help your child […]

Overwhelmed parent holding daughter

10 Self-Care Tips for the Tired and Overwhelmed Parents

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As a tired, busy, overwhelmed, stretched-too-thin parent, self-care is probably the last thing on your mind. You might even be wondering… What self-care actually is, and why it’s important? Simply put, practicing self-care means: Engaging in deliberate activities (physical, emotional, or mental) that you enjoy to improve your health. Making decisions that are beneficial to […]