Post-Doctoral Fellows

We have included this section to let you know about our Post-Doctoral therapists, and address any questions you might have about them.


What are Post-Doctoral Fellows?

Brave Minds Psychological Services’ clinical staff now includes “post-doc fellows.” These are doctoral level therapists that have completed their psychology doctoral program and have had a full year of clinical internship experience approved by the American Psychological Association. These doctoral level therapists are presently working at Brave Minds Psychological Services in Scotch Plains, NJ under the supervision of licensed psychologist, Dr. Fawn McNeil-Haber. These individuals are working towards meeting the requirements for their own licensure as New Jersey psychologists.


How are your Post-Doc Fellows chosen to join your staff?

Post-Doctoral candidates are hand picked by the director, Fawn McNeil-Haber, PhD, based on their educational background, training in work with children, teens and families, and specialized skills in anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress reactions.  These candidates are interviewed multiple times regarding their capabilities in the treatment and specialty services we provide for children, teens, parents and families.  Only then, are they chosen to join our staff.


How do Post-Doc Fellows get supervised?

These well trained therapists who are not yet licensed as psychologists practice under what is called a “psychology permit.”   They work under the direct and close supervision of Fawn McNeil-Haber, PhD.  Regulations require no more than 20 therapy sessions per week for a post-doc fellow, and one supervision hour for every 5 clients seen. With a full caseload, the post-doc fellow gets 4 hours of clinical supervision a week by a licensed psychologist.  


Why should I consider seeing a Post-Doc Fellow?

Because they are as yet unlicensed, the fee for treatment provided by a post-doc fellows is significantly more affordable than for the other therapists on staff here at Brave Minds Psychological Services.  At the same time, they have had a great deal of training and and continue to be intensively supervised.


Why does Brave Minds Psychological Services choose to hire Post-Doc Fellows as part of the clinical staff?

We do not accept payment through insurance companies. In addition, we only offer reduced rates in very specific circumstances.  Often times, BMPS refers potential clients elsewhere because they cannot afford the treatment at our practice. Seeing a post-doc fellow can be done at a lower cost. Therefore, it is our hope that individuals or families may be able to access the high quality treatment we offer, at a more affordable fee.


In addition, it allows us, the BMPS clinical staff, to make sure that these already well-trained and experienced therapists are effectively trained in working with children, adolescents and families. Post-doc fellows offer the same quality of service, information, guidance, and assistance  that is provided by other therapists at BMPS.


Finally, there is a clinical advantage to seeing a post-doc fellow. First, you get the most up-to-date knowledge and experience from a recent graduate. As well as the input from a more established psychologist who regularly discusses your case with the post-doc fellow.


Why can’t I see the Post-Doc’s picture and biography on your website?  They aren’t listed like the other BMPS therapists.

The New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners, the governing entity for psychologists in this state, has regulated that this is not permitted.  You will not see them on any of our printed brochures or referral cards, however we stand by the work of all the therapists in the practice.


What if I don’t want to see a Post-Doc Fellow?

When you call to schedule an appointment, you will be given the choice of whom you want to see at BMPS regarding your needs and availability.  A post-doc fellow, just like the licensed professionals on staff, is assigned by the Intake Coordinator during your first call to the practice based upon who would be the best fit for your goals.  If you do not wish to be seen by a post-doc fellow, just let us know.  


What if I want more information about the option of seeing a post-doc fellow?

If you have any other questions, such as those concerning insurance coverage or scheduling availability, call our main number, (908) 242-3634, or send us an email at, and we will be able to answer any other questions that were not covered in this section of our web site.


We hope this review has answered your questions or concerns about post-doc fellows at BMPS.