Silhouette of a line of diverse figures holding hands, casting long shadows on a golden background. Family therapy can help identify the needs and goals for families. Look for a family therapist in Scotch Plains or Branchburg today!

What is Family Therapy? A Family Therapist in Branchburg, NJ Explains

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Family therapy first established roots as a form of counseling between the 1950s-1960s. It had one focus: to understand the effects of family on loved ones with mental health diagnoses. Bringing the family into the counseling room was meant to help identify how they have affected the diagnosis of the identified patient. This method makes it […]

A person talks to a man and woman sitting across from them while gesticulating with their hands. learn how a family theapist in Branchburg, NJ can offer parenting help. Search for therapy branchburg, nj to get in contact with a group therapist in Scotch Plains, NJ today.

How to Find a Great Family Therapist

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Families are core to who we are. They are often the essential building blocks of our personality, patterns, and values. Regardless of size or make-up, all families face challenges. Ultimately, if left untreated, you might find that these challenges start to grow and impact the relationships within your family unit. This is where family therapy […]

flowers and wedding bands to show the commitment between two people on a wedding day. Weddings can be very stress-inducing. Seek out a couples therapist to help with anxiety and stress during wedding planning.

Wedding Trauma and the Effects on Marriage

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Post Wedding Depression?  Post Wedding Anxiety? You Might Have Experienced Wedding Trauma. Your wedding day is something that for many has been portrayed by families, friends, and social media as one of the happiest days of your life. The words “magical”, “special”, and “perfect” are often associated with it. In movies and television the weddings […]