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4 Changes To Help You Identify A Trauma Reaction

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In the first blog, we discussed some differences between classic anxiety and a trauma reaction. We also touched on some of the changes you might experience after enduring a painful event.  Next, we’ll be diving deeper into the types of difficulties that you may notice after a stressful incident occurs. The phrase “time heals all […]

3 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Anxiety and Trauma Reaction

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Many people label a variety of stressful or uncomfortable experiences  as “anxiety.” However, sometimes that experience may be more than just “anxiety.” A deeper look may reveal that there are painful, traumatic experiences that’s creating the emotional stress.  When you hear the word “trauma” or “trauma reaction”, you may be confused about what this means. […]

Three Helpful Hints for Talking to Your Anxious Teen

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We all experience anxiety and stress from time to time.  Teens are not exempt from this!  With various and increasing academic demands, extracurricular activities, social engagements, etc., teens may experience stress. While anxiety in your teen from time to time is normal.  Persistent and longstanding worry may be an indication of generalized anxiety. Common signs of anxiety […]